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Sweet Potato Gnocchi

My partner loooves gnocchi. Now that I know how easy it is to make, it will be a mainstay in our menu! We made this in our Weekly Cooking Class!


· 2 medium Sweet Potatoes

· 1 to 2 cups whole wheat pastry flour


1. Bake sweet potatoes until fork tender. A medium sweet potato takes about 40 minutes at 425 degrees. Poke some holes in the skin with a fork and bake on parchment lined sheet to prevent mess.

2. Carefully place cooked potatoes in a covered dish or inside a paper bag. Allow to cool slightly – at least 10 minutes – the steam created with allow the potatoes to be peeled easily by hand.

3. Add potato flesh to a medium to large sized bowl and mash.

4. Add flour, starting with a cup and add more ¼ cup at a time as needed. Combine well. Get your hands involved and knead. As soon as it starts to hold together, switch to a clean smooth surface dusted with a little flour and continue to knead. The end result is smooth dough with the consistency of play dough.

5. Cut into quarters and roll each quarter of dough into a long, even snake shape approximately ½ inch thick. Cut into bite-sized pieces. Optional: Roll the tines of a fork gently over the pieces to create the signature gnocchi shape.

6. In a large pot of boiling water, carefully add your gnocchi and allow to boil until they float to the surface. Use a slotted spoon to retrieve the cooked pieces.

7. Serve with sauce of choice and enjoy! Recommended: Vodka Sauce (Vodka Optional!)

Gnocchi and Vodka Sauce
Download PDF • 234KB

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