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Where to Buy Unfamiliar Ingredients

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

They will likely become familiar over time, but I will do my best to list as many non-typical ingredients as I can and where I have found them. This is meant to be an active and changing list so come back as needed for more and updated information!

A Plate with Chili Cheeze Fries with Garden Salad with Creamy Dressing Sugar Snap Peas and Microgreens
Grocery bag, counter, and open fridge with healthy food.

Nutritional Yeast:

Trader Joe's (near spices)

Lassen's (near spices)

Whole Foods (supplement section) (many varieties!)

Smoked Paprika:

Most Grocery Stores (spice section)

Costco's No Salt Seasoning:

Seems to be temporarily (I hope!) unavailable

Soy Curls: (I have only tried Butler brand)


Trader Joe's (I do not like the brown rice one)

Lassen's (refrigerated section)

Whole Foods (refrigerated section near tofu)

Medjool Dates:

Trader Joe's (among the fresh fruit usually)

Lassen's (in the refrigerated section with the nuts)

Whole Foods (near the nuts - Del Real brand is my favorite)

Can be found many places online as well

Also available in regular grocery stores (usually near the fresh fruit with nuts)

Date Sugar: (Date Lady)

My Favorite Teas: (Double Matcha Green Tea) (Sweet & Spicy Tea)

Sprouts is not a shop I use much, but I know lots of folks who do and they have a lovely selection of the items we need.

The Grocery Outlet is not a place I go when I need a specific item, but they do have some interesting things for excellent value if you're open to exploring.

Coconut Aminos:


Whole Foods

Broccoli Sprouts:


Whole Foods

Broccoli Sprout Seeds:

Miso Paste (Chickpea):

Whole Foods (refrigerated section)

Red Lentils:

Most grocery stores. Recommend calling ahead.

This list will be updated so please return to see what's new!

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