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Where to Buy Unfamiliar Ingredients

Updated: Jul 12

They will likely become familiar over time, but I will do my best to list as many non-typical ingredients as I can and where I have found them. This is meant to be an active and changing list so come back as needed for more and updated information!

A Plate with Chili Cheeze Fries with Garden Salad with Creamy Dressing Sugar Snap Peas and Microgreens
Grocery bag, counter, and open fridge with healthy food.

Nutritional Yeast:

Trader Joe's (near spices)

Lassen's (near spices)

Whole Foods (supplement section) (many varieties!)

Smoked Paprika:

Most Grocery Stores (spice section)

Costco's No Salt Seasoning:

Seems to be temporarily (I hope!) unavailable

Soy Curls: (I have only tried Butler brand)


Trader Joe's (I do not like the brown rice one)

Lassen's (refrigerated section)

Whole Foods (refrigerated section near tofu)

Medjool Dates:

Trader Joe's (among the fresh fruit usually)

Lassen's (in the refrigerated section with the nuts)

Whole Foods (near the nuts - Del Real brand is my favorite)

Channel Islands Farmer's Market

Can be found many places online as well

Also available in regular grocery stores (usually near the fresh fruit with nuts)

Date Sugar: (Date Lady)

My Favorite Teas: (Double Matcha Green Tea) (Sweet & Spicy Tea)

Sprouts is not a shop I use much, but I know lots of folks who do and they have a lovely selection of the items we need.

The Grocery Outlet is not a place I go when I need a specific item, but they do have some interesting things for excellent value if you're open to exploring.

Coconut Aminos:


Whole Foods

Broccoli Sprouts:


Whole Foods

Broccoli Sprout Seeds:

Miso Paste (Chickpea):

Whole Foods (refrigerated section)

Red Lentils:

Most grocery stores. Recommend calling ahead.

This list will be updated so please return to see what's new!

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