Jay Ziebart, Who I Am and What I'm About

My mission and passion is to reduce suffering.  I do that by elevating people's knowledge about evidence based nutrition.

Rosalyn Kahn Interviewing
Jay Ziebart

We had a lovely chat about healthy eating for a variety of life stages, picky eaters, myth busting about missing nutrients and about brain health.

Prof. Rosalyn Kahn | (818) 583-7328

"Master the Message with Passion & Purpose."

Michael C. 

Vegan + Plant Based + Athlete


Michael and I had so much fun chatting about his journey to compassion, awareness, and health.  I think we covered just about everything in this ~40 minute video.  We talked about animals, the Earth, inflammation, healing, social interactions, changing habits, and, of course, food.  

Brownie Bites!  

This is a very quick demonstration of my Brownie Bites recipe.  If you want the downloadable recipe, please visit the Recipes page.

Meat Substitutions I

I am always getting requests for cooking classes and demonstrations.  Here is one on two different substitutions.  One can be used in place of chicken and the other in place of ground beef.  I made this a volume I because there are so many more things you can do.

Plant Based Eating Intro

This very short video is my way of introducing the very very basics of plant based eating. My intention is to delve much deeper into all facets so please stay tuned for more.

My Intentions for Plant Based for Life​


I have recently transitioned from a corporate setting to private and I thought it would be a nice idea to share my intentions for Plant Based for Life.


Nicecream is so simple that I would dare say that it takes longer to wrestle with the tamper proof seal on store bought ice cream than to whip up this creamy treat!

My Interview with Katie Barlow


I am so grateful to Katie for this wonderful chat we had about some of my favorite subjects!