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Meal Planning

Your meal plan should suit your needs!

Meal Plan Styles:

  • Simple, Basic Foods – Batching large quantities of vegetables, grains/starches, beans, soups, and sauces, for example, and eating them in various combinations for several days.

  • Foodie Meal Plan – Creating a plan for meals for most days of the week with ingredient lists and instructions.  There are lots of plans like this out there. 

  • Upgrade Your Eats – Take your current meal plan and upgrade the ingredients.


Start with a basic idea of what your plate should look like with the PCRM’s Power Plate (for healing or intentional weight loss – at least half your plate should be non-starchy vegetables):



















                                   Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM),


Fitting It In:

Dr. Joel Fuhrman has his GBOMBS:


Dr. Michael Greger has his Daily Dozen (get the free app for your device):



Jay’s Simple Meal Plan:


Start with Non-Starchy Veggies and Greens:  Artichoke, Asparagus, Green Beans, Sprouts, Beets, Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celery, Cucumber*, Eggplant, Radish, Peppers*, Tomatoes*, Collard Greens, Kale, Beet Greens, Mustard Greens, Spinach, Bok Choi


Add a Grain/Starch:  Whole Wheat, Corn, Barley, Buckwheat, Bulgur, Millet, Oatmeal, Quinoa*, Brown Rice, Whole Food Ingredients Pasta, Whole Grain Bread, Whole Potatoes (White, Sweet, Purple), Squash (Butternut, Spaghetti, Pumpkin)


Then a Protein:  Beans (Black, Pinto, White, Red, Kidney, Chickpeas), Peas, Lentils (Black, Green, Brown, Red), Tofu, Tempeh

Get in some healthy fats each day:  Nuts, Seeds (keep to an ounce or two per day)

Liberally add in Fruit as dessert and snacks.


(These are not exhaustive lists!  There are over 70,000 varieties of plant we can eat!)


Jay’s Aim to Fit in Daily


At least 3 servings per day. (this may need to be adjusted/increased depending on your health)

Gold Star:  Cruciferous Greens


1 to 1 ½ cups per day.

Gold Star:  Lentils



At least ½ to 1 cup per day.

Get in a variety of colors.

Gold Star:  Blueberries



Onion, Garlic, Shallots, Chives, Scallions

Great for flavoring, but also health protective!

Gold Star:  Raw



Must be cooked!

Gold Star:  White Button



Flax*, Chia*, Hemp

1 to 2 tablespoons.

*Must be ground.

Gold Star:  Flax

Power Plate.JPG
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